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  • Benefits of Dedicated Appliance Circuits
    Benefits of Dedicated Appliance Circuits

    First, a dedicated circuit is any electrical circuit from your break box that is used for a single specific purpose. The National Electric Code requires a dedicated circuit for most appliances in your ...

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  • Many Merry Christmas Lights
    Many Merry Christmas Lights

    Merry Christmas everyone! Today is the day that all those lights, decorations, and hours spent on cooking finally pay off. The day when everyone can relax and enjoy time off, whether you’re ...

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  • Choosing A Standby Generator
    Choosing A Standby Generator

    In 2003, the north-eastern power grid collapsed due to a fuel shortage. Power was out for up to a week in multiple states and part of Canada, with an estimated 45 million Americans and 10 million ...

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  • Lights and Electrical Timers
    Lights and Electrical Timers

    One of the greatest uses for lights arrives every year around Christmas: decorative lights! But even Christmas lights shouldn’t be lit at all times. Constantly running your lights can become a huge ...

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  • Christmas Light Safety Guide
    Christmas Light Safety Guide

    Sometimes it feels like we’re just sprinting from one holiday season to the next. With the change in season comes the change in housing décor. Even if you don’t decorate for the rest of the year, ...

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  • Stay Safe Without Power
    Stay Safe Without Power

    We’re in the middle of a power outage and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The high winds of last week have damaged many major high-power lines and entire city blocks have been left without ...

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