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Free Mobile Friendly Light-Switch with Panel Change, WIFI Required

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  • Wired and Wireless Networks
    Wired and Wireless Networks

    While not part of your electrical system, computers, tablets, phones, even your entertainment center are now hooked up to the information network of your home. Most of this is done wirelessly, but for ...

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  • How to Splice a Wire
    How to Splice a Wire

    Presented with an electrical project, whether it’s a home repair or just a simple bit of DIY electronics work, you’ll eventually need to join two wires together. While you could simply remove both ...

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  • Where Does Power Come From?
    Where Does Power Come From?

    Where does power come from? Unless you have solar panels on your roof or a generator in your yard, all power in your home comes from a large-scale power planet from outside of your home city. Whether ...

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  • The Problem with Dimmers
    The Problem with Dimmers

    They help save money, reduce energy use, and give customizable light levels for any room in your home, but dimmers seem to be the finickiest and most failure prone control in the home. How can ...

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