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Free Pure Air Filtration System with the Purchase of a Qualifying Lennox System, Installation Included
$200 Off the Installation of a New 50-Gallon Water Heater or $350 Off the Installation of a New Tankless Water Heater.
Free Mobile Friendly Light-Switch with Panel Change, WIFI Required

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  • What Is Electric Current?
    What Is Electric Current?

    Your breakers are rated by amps , your lightbulbs are listed in watts , but everything that plugs into the wall has to be 120 volts . What’s the difference? Why are all of these things listed with ...

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  • Home Automation & Smart Homes
    Home Automation & Smart Homes

    It’s been a dream of science fiction since the early 20th century: a self-maintaining home. A place where every system, maintenance, repair, and cleaning is handled by the home itself without direct ...

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  • Simple Home Electrical repairs
    Simple Home Electrical repairs

    Unless you designed it yourself (and sometimes, even if you did), there will always be one or two things about your home that can use changes or upgrades over the years. The electrical system for your ...

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  • Why Aren't My Electrical Outlets Working?
    Why Aren't My Electrical Outlets Working?

    When we think of home electricity, we tend to think of light switches, lamps, and climate controls. While it’s a bit archaic now, your electrical utilities even used to be called a “light bill” ...

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