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  • Smoke Alarms and Electrical Fire Safety
    Smoke Alarms and Electrical Fire Safety

    Electrical fires are account for nearly 500 deaths and more than 1,400 injuries in the United States every year. Prevention is the best defense against injury, death, and home damage, but mistakes can ...

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  • Extension Cord Safety
    Extension Cord Safety

    When it comes to electrical safety, there is nothing more common when it comes to danger than the overuse of the humble electrical extension cord . These devices are extremely useful, extending the ...

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  • General DIY Electrical Safety
    General DIY Electrical Safety

    We’ve probably all done it at one point or another. Take one look at the couple of wires on that new electrical socket or light switch and thought “Hey, I can fix this myself.” For some projects, this ...

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  • Dangers of Aging Wiring
    Dangers of Aging Wiring

    Electricity moves through our homes, powering devices and charging phones on a daily basis. We know that every appliance will eventually break, and that replacements will be necessary over time. But ...

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