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  • Halloween Electrical Safety
    Halloween Electrical Safety

    Decorations, tricks, and traps are already on our streets. Halloween is upon us once again this year. Frights and thrills are the selection for the season, but there’s no reason to risk actual life ...

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  • How to Maintain your Water Heater
    How to Maintain your Water Heater

    It’s happened to all of us at least once: Turn on the shower and get a blast of cold water that never actually warms up. For others, they face a flood of water in the basement or gritty water flowing ...

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  • Home Electrical Fire Safety
    Home Electrical Fire Safety

    All electrical devices generate heat in some manner. The higher the power output, the more heat that will be generated as a result. Electric furnaces and space heaters can be just as bad. Faulty ...

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  • Ceiling Fans, Fall, and Staying Cool
    Ceiling Fans, Fall, and Staying Cool

    Warm weather seems to be safely behind us. Most of us have already turned off our air conditioners, possibly for the last time this year. While temperatures are cool enough outside to stay comfortable ...

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