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Stadium Electrical Facts

While Dallas/Ft. Worth residents prepare for the Big Game game this weekend, Milestone will be helping our neighbors with all of their electrical needs. We hope that aren’t any problems with your electrical system that would affect your game day festivities. But there’s still time to act if you have a wiring issue that needs to be addressed before kick-off! In 2015 the event attracted 114.4 million viewers, an event so important that just a 30-second TV spot cost $47.5 million. Given these facts it’s not surprising that the football game this Sunday is the biggest day for U.S. food consumption after Thanksgiving. The event is just as popular in other countries including Mexico, Brazil and Canada (whose viewers will be watching the flashy American commercials for the first time this year).

The electrical statistics that surround both the playing and the viewing of the game are fascinating. The amount of people and businesses that come together to coordinate or watch the event is in the hundreds of millions. And the amount of electricity used to make it all happen is just as vast. Fans of both the Patriots and the Falcons will want to read our

Home Viewing Statistics:

Here’s an interesting fact about the The Game, did you know that with millions of Americans watching the game, energy usage across the nation decreases? It’s true! Because most people are watching the game together, at a home party, electrical appliances are not running. Refrigerator use increases and the TV stays on, but other power-hungry devices such as washing machines, dryers, and vacuum cleaners stay silent during the game.

So if you’re looking to save a little on energy, throw a Game-Watching party (or better yet, go to a party and turn the lights off back home)!

NRG Stadium (in Houston) Notes:

Then again, while the event is cheaper electricity-wise across the US, the amount of energy it takes to power a football game is staggering. Not including the energy expended to get people to the event itself, the cost of electrical power alone for food production, lighting, and to control the roof (which can be opened or closed in only 7 minutes) is substantial. Take for example the visible electronics in this year’s stadium of choice, The NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas:

  • Field lighting – 480 luminaries with over 65,000 LEDs
  • 2 LED Fascia Displays
  • 1 360 Degree LED Fascia Display
  • 2 Video LED Scoreboards and 4 Lamp Matrix Displays
  • 2 Game in progress scoreboards
  • Over 1,550 HD LCD flat screen TVs
  • 4 HD Video projection screens
  • 4 HD LED video boards

The amazing part is that NRG Stadium is one of the most energy-efficient stadiums in North America. From electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot to solar panels for energy charging and cost-offset, the huge power demand is much smaller than the majority of stadiums (even smaller ones) in the United States.

So this weekend, as you’re sitting down with friends to catch a game take a moment (before the game starts of course) to look around where you are, whether it’s a restaurant, bar, living room, or the NRG Stadium and be amazed at just how much raw power goes into delivering this amazing event!