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The Best July 4th Events for Spokane and Coeur d'Alene

The long weekend for July 4th is just ahead of us and, while we’ll still be on standby to answer your emergency call, we’re looking forward to the celebrations that run all day throughout Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. Fireworks, the highlight of any Independence Day celebration of course, are always an amazing sight, especially when delivered by a professional team. Still, setting off your own is a tradition for some and a new experience for others.

July 4th Fire Safety

While other countries allow the sale and discharge of fireworks year-round, it’s understandable why that’s not the case here. Noise and fire dangers are two reasons why the sale and use of fireworks are limited across the U.S. If you’re planning to hold your own fireworks display, make sure it’s in a legal area and that you take safety precautions. Also, keep in mind that within the state of Washington, the sale and discharge of fireworks is limited to between June 28th and July 5th.

If you are setting off fireworks, be sure to do so in a clear, open area. Always use fireworks as directed and follow all of their safety requirements. Discharge fireworks at a safe distance from the storage area (never set them off within a few feet of the other fireworks). Even sparklers can be dangerous if used incorrectly. While relatively safe with parental supervision, please use caution and have a safe July 4th.

July 4th Day Events

For those in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, there are plenty of events to keep your entire day busy. If you’re not already planning to host your own celebration and cookout, then why not take advantage of what our fair cities have to offer?

Start with a parade at Pavillion Park – View the parade that starts at noon near Liberty Lake. Once the parade finishes, head over to Pavillion Park for an outdoor concert that starts at 6 PM. Once that finishes, they’ll finish off with fireworks. The best part? The entire event is free!

Head to Riverfront Park for more Fireworks – Spend the day at Riverfront Park for music, food, and performances that all headline before the big display at 10 PM. Once again, attendance is free.

Spend Independence Day celebrating in Coeur d’Alene – Kickstart your celebration with the American Heroes Parade at 10 AM then continue the festivities with live music and great food at Coeur d’Alene City Park. You’ll be able to enjoy North Idaho’s largest fireworks display just off the waterfront starting at 10 PM.

Then again, if free park attendance isn’t your thing, look around at local theme parks for great firework displays after a day of fun. Celebrate your way all day long, whether that’s grilling in the backyard with friends or simply taking a packed lunch to the park with friends and family. We look forward to seeing you there! Happy July 4th everyone!