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Fall Plumbing Maintenance Tips

A plumbing problem during the fall or winter months can be a true disaster to not only your home, but also to your pocketbook. If your pipes are broken or damaged, your Northern Idaho home can go without warm water until the issue is resolved. Don’t let plumbing problems cause any unneeded stress! Follow these fall plumbing maintenance tips from the pros here at Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing and get your pipes ready to face the fall and winter months!

Check your outside pipes.

Before the weather gets too crazy outside, take a little time to check your outside pipes for any leaks or drips. Disconnect and drain those exterior hoses and store them in a safe area away from freezing temperatures. If hoses are left on, you run the risk of them freezing and expanding, which in turn can lead to damaged interior pipes. You should also add an insulating cap to any outdoor fixtures following that.

Make sure your gutters are clean.

Grab some gloves and scoop up all those fallen leaves that have been piling up in your gutters. This will help you prevent your gutters from being clogged during the colder months. Leaves tend to gather near the corners of your home, so don’t forget about those areas as well! Make sure your downspout is clear as well so that it can redirect the water flow away from your home. This will help you avoid standing water that can freeze in the winter.

Garbage disposal.

With all those big holiday meals, our garbage disposals get a lot of extra use throughout the season. No one wants to end up with a clogged sink due to a poorly functioning garbage disposal. Do yourself a favor this season and get a professional to inspect your system sooner than later. This will also allow you to perform upgrades if necessary before the family arrives!

Insulate your pipes.

Insulating your pipes is an essential procedure for an Idaho winter. What is most important is to make sure to insulate every exposed pipe that is in your home. This is an easy and fairly inexpensive project that can help with energy efficiency by helping to keep the water warm during the coldest months. For those hard-to-reach places, a licensed plumber would be the ideal person to get the job done.

Give your hot water heater a check.

To have your hot water heater running at its best this winter, it is essential that you give it a check and a thorough cleaning. Unwanted debris or blockages left over from the summer months can stop your hot water heater from working -and cause unwanted damage to the hot water heater overall. Don’t forget to check your pressure valves as well. If your tank becomes over pressurized, the valves need to be in working condition to open and release pressure. Lastly, check your burners for efficiency, swap out those filters and ensure that all internal components are in working order.

Prep for vacation.

Heading out for a holiday vacation with the family soon? Make sure your home is prepped before you leave! Don’t skip town without turning off your main water supply. This will cut off the water supply to the house to help you avoid any leaks! You should also check your commodes for any septic back up issues. No one wants to come home from vacation to find their septic system blocked.

Fall plumbing maintenance is essential for a safe, comfortable fall. Following these tips from our pros will help keep problems to a minimum. To ensure a healthy, flowing plumbing system, contact the experts at Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. Call (866) 978-9297 to schedule an appointment today!

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