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Accent Lighting for Your Home

Add some accent lighting to your Post Falls home to make different rooms stand out. Installing multiple layers of lighting in your home will help brighten up your rooms. Lights in your home don’t only have to be florescent bulbs that hang from the ceiling. Instead, there are several dynamic options including recessed lighting, chandelier fixtures and smart track lighting. We have professional tips on how you can add accent lighting to your home, and also incorporate new ideas on how to brighten up your rooms. You can always count on Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing to help you with your lighting and rewiring projects.


Kitchens are a great place to incorporate recessed lighting. A household spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, not just cooking, so having enough lighting to cover the entire room is important. This type of lighting will allow your entire kitchen to be illuminated – and add a warm glow. To add a pop of light or highlight specific areas of the room, you install single light fixtures. A single light fixture will add layers to the existing recessed lighting. These single fixtures can light up a part of the kitchen without burning energy using the ceiling lighting. Some areas where fixture lighting would benefit are a kitchen island, sink, and stove.

Living Room

Installing track lighting in your living room adds a more industrial vibe to your space. Track lighting involves up to five light bulbs on a metal track. This type of lighting is great because you can turn the lights to shine on different areas of your room. Another lighting type that would fit this room are art or picture lights. Highlighting specific art or family photographs with dramatic spotlighting adds a fun layer to your entertainment room.


Install a dimmer switch to your bedroom to add some variety to your lighting. With dimmers you have more control of how bright or dark your room is. You can also save money on your electricity bill and help your lights last longer with the switch. This would be a room where track lighting would also work well. An additional lighting idea for the bedroom would be adding a fan/light fixture. Ceiling fans can help cut your utility costs using these to cool your room down versus turning on your home’s central air system.


With the bathroom you can install lamps to help add a decorative touch to this space. Adding a lamp light fixture to both sides of your bathroom mirror adds a simple lighting affect. These also require minimal installation. Add some sophistication to your bathroom with the addition of a chandelier. If you want to really be fancy, you can install a candle lit chandelier for a subtle, romantic touch that will also save on energy bills.

Let Mainstream help you install dynamic accent lighting in your home. Whether you need recessed, track, chandelier or other light fixture – we have you covered. Choose smart! Contact the premier home services company for Post Falls! Call us at 866-411-9277 to schedule an appointment today!


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