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Free Pure Air Filtration System with the Purchase of a Qualifying Lennox System, Installation Included
$200 Off the Installation of a New 50-Gallon Water Heater or $350 Off the Installation of a New Tankless Water Heater.
Free Mobile Friendly Light-Switch with Panel Change, WIFI Required
    • Ways to Stay Warm for Less

      Let’s face it: when your living room starts to feel like an igloo, then you know it’s time to turn the heat up. Of course, your home heating unit can turn that arctic chill into a tropical breeze — ...

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    • When Should I Make Upgrades Around my Home?

      Just like a moldy piece of cheese in your cold cut drawer, your refrigerator can age. Sure, your fridge isn’t going to start smelling like mold — but it will eventually give out, over time. Whether ...

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    • How to Improve your Indoor Air Quality

      What’s scarier than a horror film? Your indoor air quality! Of course, poor air quality won’t chase you around the house wearing a Halloween mask — but it will linger around inside, which will ...

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