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Indoor Air Quality in Spokane & North Idaho

Breathe Easy with Effective Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Do you know that indoor air can be polluted? In fact, studies show that indoor air is actually 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. If you’re like most people, you probably spend the majority of your time indoors. Whether at home or in your commercial space, paying close attention to the quality of your indoor air is essential. Prolonged exposure to indoor air pollutants not only triggers allergy attacks, it could also develop into serious respiratory conditions especially for young children and the elderly.

Some of the most common air contaminants found indoors include:

  • Particulate matter such as dust, pollens, and molds
  • Carbon monoxide from gas appliances
  • Nitrogen dioxide from motor vehicles and unflued gas heaters or stoves
  • Asbestos from building materials
  • Lead from paint
  • Formaldehyde from household products
  • Pesticides

If you suspect that you have poor indoor air quality, turn to Mainstream Electric, Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing right away. Our trusted service company offers a wide range of indoor air quality solutions from heating and cooling system maintenance to air purifier installation and more.

Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

You may not immediately notice the effects of poor indoor air quality to your health. However, if the air feels stuffy or if you have been sneezing a lot when you’re at your Spokane or North Idaho home, there is a good chance that your indoor air quality needs improvement.

Our indoor air quality experts can perform a thorough assessment of the current status of your air quality and recommend solutions based on their findings. We also provide a free estimate of the overall cost of our indoor air quality solutions before proceeding to work so you can decide whether they are worth it.

Below are some of the benefits you get to enjoy with improved indoor air quality:

  • Easy breathing
  • Elimination of allergens
  • Reduced odors
  • Increased HVAC efficiency
  • Balanced humidity
  • Reduced energy costs

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